• Thicker, fuller, better, brows in 6-8 weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BROWFRiEND a safe and effective tool for eyebrow hair growth?

BROWFRiEND uses Red Light Therapy (“RLT”), a non-invasive technology that’s been around (and studied) for decades

RLT has been shown to: enhance the delivery of oxygen, increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, all of which encourage the optimal functioning of hair follicles and result in increased hair count and hair thickness

Can everyone use BROWFRiEND?

We do not recommend using if you are under 18 years old, pregnant, have cancer, are subject to seizures, have eye concerns, if you have any implanted defibrillators/stimulators or other electronic devices, or if you use a pacemaker

If you have had a recent procedure, are experiencing skin breakage, burn or a rash, or have any concerns prior to use, please consult your physician prior to use

If you experience any discomfort or have any adverse reactions, discontinue immediately and please consult your physician

How often should I use my BROWFRiEND?

We recommend starting out at 30 seconds per day per brow for the first few days

As your skin acclimates, you can use it longer and as frequently as desired up to 3 minutes per day on each brow

Decrease usage if mild redness or irritation occurs or stop immediately and consult your physician before resuming use if you have any moderate to severe reactions or concerns 

When will I see results?

All brow journeys differ, but most users may begin seeing results within the first 4-6 weeks

Results are enhanced by properly moisturizing skin surrounding your eyebrows and using a brow serum immediately before use of your BROWFRiEND

Hair will not grow where there’s not an existing, functioning hair follicle- what you will see is your best growth within your brows’ natural path 

Healthy brows start with a healthy you- eating right, getting adequate sleep, drinking plenty of water and minimizing stress are key parts of any beauty routine

We recommend taking before and after pics for comparison 

What face prep is needed before using my BROWFRiEND?

Having moisturized skin immediately before use is MUST for BROWFRiEND to activate and stay on

BROWFRiEND will not work if skin surrounding the eyebrows is dry

Using a brow serum on your eyebrows immediately before use is strongly encouraged

We recommend using BROWFRiEND following your morning or evening cleansing and moisturizing routine

It is not recommended to use BROWFRiEND in the same session as using a retinol product or immediately following a dermatological treatment – consult your physician for when it is safe to resume using your BROWFRiEND

Can I use BROWFRiEND while taking a Retinol or other products\/prescriptions for my skin?

It is not recommended to use BROWFRiEND in the same session as using a retinol product or immediately following a dermatological treatment – consult your physician for when it is safe to resume using your BROWFRiEND

Consult your physician prior to using BROWFRiEND if you take Accutane, Differin, Retin A/Retinol, Glycolic acid/AHA’s, ProActive, Avita, Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid/BHA’s, or any other acne/skin product that may increase your skin’s sensitivity

Is a brow serum required?

While not required, applying the brow serum on your eyebrows immediately before use can minimize the time it takes to see results and maximize the effectiveness of your BROWFRiEND

How does BROWFRiEND gen 1 Activate?

BROWFRiEND uses smart touch activation technology.  When the handle AND the head of the device are EACH in contact with hydrated human skin, the device will activate

How do I clean my BROWFRiEND?

Spray a soft cloth with water or disinfecting spray and wipe down the head of your BROWFRiEND as needed- we recommend cleaning at least weekly

Do not spray your BROWFRiEND directly or submerge in any way.  BROWFRiEND is NOT waterproof

How warm does my BROWFRiEND get during treatment?

Your BROWFRiEND's head evenly delivers soothing warmth at temperatures that do not exceed 105°F

Do I need eye protection while using BROWFRiEND?

It is not necessary to use eye protection when you use your BROWFRiEND; however, avoid direct contact with your eyes and close your eyes during your treatment

Troubleshooting: If your BROWFRiEND gen 1 doesn’t turn on or works intermittently, please try the following:

Make sure your BROWFRiEND is fully charged (indicator light should be green)

Make sure the skin surrounding your brows has a thick layer of moisturizer (try an aloe-based face serum if yours isn’t working)

BROWFRiEND will not properly work if skin has makeup, sunscreen or other products

Only use a brow-specific serum on your eyebrows- never apply moisturizer direct on the eyebrow hair as that can clog pores and impact results

Rinse hands with warm water and pat dry

Firmly hold the base while touching head at the same time with index finger or thumb

Continue holding the base and touching head for duration of your treatment

I’ve tried your suggestions for Troubleshooting and I’m still having issues activating my BROWFRiEND:

Go to for videos of tips and tricks on how to best use your new BROWFRiEND

Contact the BROWFRiEND team with any questions or concerns at: